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Products and Services


  Working with major corporations on large products has allowed us to develop talent, experience, and a depth of understanding unlike any other major provider of technology. Being customer driven, rather than bottom dollar oriented, we have learned to satisfy need through collaborative efforts. From these collaborations we have developed several solid products. These include:
  • Worklfow, Process and Document Management Solutions
  • Thin Client Enterprise Solutions
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Health Care Solutions
  • Government Solutions
  • Financial, Wealth Management, and Insurance Solutions
  • Activity Based Management Solutions
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Distributed Process and Transaction Solutions

Based on our product offerings, we can have your business requirements up and running faster than anyone.

Featured Product

Workflow / Business Process Automation

  Using industry standards, such as BPML, WfMC, XPDL and others, we ensure interoperability, reduced learning curve, and a robust feature set all with an easy to use management application. And, since we adhere to all major standards, you can pick and choose from other vendors offerings. Licensing is reasonable, and there is no vendor lock-in.

  Our scalable, high-performance, distributable workflow engine is ahead of its time. The advanced fault tolerance, security, detailed auditing, logging, and reporting abilities, make it a sure fire hit with all corporate departments. Included in the base package:
  • e-mail alerts
  • detailed audit logs
  • extreme fault tolerance
  • highly distributable
  • clusterable
  • load balancing
  • excellent performance
  • low CPU utilization
  • etc.

Test drive it now, and see for yourself.


The services division exists to serve our most demanding customers. Not only can we create solutions based on custom requirements, but also mix existing products to form the perform solution. We have abandon useless technical dogma for the highest level of practicality. We offer our customers the flexibility in solutions they require for long term project viability.

At IDS, we realized long ago that the customer is king. We guarantee rapid responsiveness, quick turnaround, and long term support, reliability, and flexibility. All this without charging insance consulting fees and pumped-up expenses.

We can do this because of our large product base, top notch talent, and development methodologies. By breaking products into small development groups, efficiency and responsiveness go up, while costs and delays decline.

Contact one of our associates today, or submit your proposal now for a quick and easy assessment.